Towne Family Association, Inc.


Membership in Towne Family Association is open to anyone interested in the Towne Family history. Annual dues are $22 for an individual ($40 for an individual for 2 years)and $25 for a family ($44 for 2 years.)

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Please Note: The ability to fill out forms online is restricted by some devices. If you do not see blue boxes on the form, you will need to download it and fill it out by hand.

How to Submit Your Lineage

Send completed check and form to:

Elizabeth Hanahan
Towne Family Association,Inc.
PO Box 367
Bethlehem, Connecticut 06751

Make checks payable to: Towne Family Association, Inc.

IMPORTANT! Please include your email address so we can send you directions on how to register for a user account to gain full access to this website and database.

For further questions on membership contact Elizabeth Hanahan at

Members receive an internet subscription to About Towne, our colorful TFA quarterly newsletter and may access its 22-Volume archive of past issues. Each lively issue contains articles of genealogical research, historical and biographical papers about family members, and reports of TFA activities, both regional and national. Current and past issues may be downloaded for viewing or printing. An email reminder is sent to members when each new issue of About Towne is posted to the TFA web site.

Members also may search on the TFA website among the more than 80,000 names in the Towne Family Tree and submit their own genealogical data to our TFA Genealogist for comment or questions.

Membership is by calendar year, from January through December.

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