by Karen Johnsen

A portion of the Hintlesham map in need of restoration
Photograph courtesy of Charles Farrow

Charles Farrow found a Hintlesham Estate Map from 1595 showing the Estey lands. This is a very important map of a Suffolk estate located at the Suffolk Record Office at Ipswich. Charles was able to photograph one section of the map showing land owned by the Estey family. The map is parchment and has deteriorated and cannot be fully unrolled without destroying it. According to the author, Karl A. Gelpke, there is an additional piece of land on the map owned by the Estey family that Charles was unable to see because of the condition of the map. In order to unroll the map so that it can be fully viewed, photographed and reproduced the map needs to be repaired.

This restoration will help us find this additional piece of land,discover the names of neighbors and possibly other family living around them. This will give us valuable clues to the original location of the Estey family in Hintlesham. If the map has been through the conservation protocols by June of 2017, then those on the TFA England trip can view the map.

THANKS to everyone who has donated to the Hintlesham Estate Map Restoration Project. We have successfully achieved our goal. 1040 pounds was sent to the Essex Record Office to have this very old and very large map restored. This map is of particular interest to those who descend from Mary Towne who married Isaac Estey/Eastie. The lands relate to Isaac’s ancestry. The restoration project will begin in September of 2016. Those going on the TFA trip to ENGLAND in June of 2017 will have the wonderful opportunity of seeing and photographing the restored map. With luck we are hoping to locate and see the land belonging to the Estey family in the 1500s and 1600s.

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