Forrest Towne,President, Karen Johnsen, Vice President

Catherine Kauffman, Treasurer, Rae Russell Johnson, Executive Secretary

Kathleen A. Miller, Recording Secretary, Dianna Emerson, Publications Coordinator

Elizabeth Hanahan, Genealogist

Executive Board

PRESIDENT: Forrest Towne 2020-2022
Vice President: Karen Johnsen 2020-2022
Executive Secretary: Rae Russell Johnson 2019-2021
Recording Secretary: Kathleen A. Miller 2020-2022
Treasurer: Catherine Kauffman 2019-2021
Publications Coordinator: Dianna Emerson 2019-2021
Newsletter Editor: Cynthia Merton appointed
Genealogist: Elizabeth Hanahan appointed
Parliamentarian: OPEN

The organization has a genealogist responsible for receiving and coordinating research from members. A large database has been compiled from submissions by members of their ancestry throughout the years. For genealogy questions, contact

Research by a professional genealogist has been also funded in England for many years. Although Charles Farrow has retired, he will continue providing results of his research in regular articles for About Towne.

Membership in the Towne Family Association is open to anyone interested in the Towne Family history. Annual dues are $22 for an individual and $25 for a family membership. This year, we are offering discounted 2-year memberships: $40 for an individual and $44 for a family.

JOIN OR RENEW NOW!!! Renewals were due by January 1st.

2010 30th Reunion in Omaha, NE
Photography courtesy of Sue Carson

Please direct inquiries to the TFA President:

Forrest Towne



Genealogist: Elizabeth Hanahan
Newsletter Editor: Cynthia Merton
DNA Project: Margaret Press and Paul Towne
Web Coordinators: Margaret Press and Elizabeth Hanahan


CHAIRMAN Elizabeth Hanahan
Archives: Elizabeth Hanahan
Associate Genealogist: Virginia Towne
Associate Genealogist: Vida Poole
Associate Genealogist for DNA Project: Margaret Press
Associate Genealogist for English research: Karen Johnsen
Associate Genealogist for New Brunswick research: Amy Brooks

For genealogical queries or to submit data, contact:


Margaret Press
Paul Towne
Deborah Atchley


Historian: Virginia Towne
Parliamentarian: OPEN
Newsletter Indexer:Daniel Towne
Sunshine Ambassador: Barbara Cole

Sunshine: If you know of a member or family member of a member who is in need of cheer or congratulations, contact:
Barbara Cole who will send a card or make a phone call on behalf of TFA.


1981-1986 Deena Towne (Deceased)
1986-1988 Bill Towne (Deceased)
1988-1992 Emma Towne Mosher (Deceased)
1992-1998 Myrtle Tisdel
1998-2001 Connie Purvis (Deceased)
2001-2004 Barbara Baylis
2004-2005 Robert Smith (resigned April 2005)
2005-2008 Shirley Drury Patterson (Deceased)
2008-2013 Elizabeth Hanahan
2013-2017 Virginia Towne
2017-2019 Gail Garda
2019-2019 Lynn Bolte (transition)
2019-2020 Cynthia Merton
2020-present Forrest Towne

2013 33rd Reunion in Beaufort and St. Helena Island, SC
Photography courtesy of Tom Johnson