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Tips and Tools!

Note on gedcom import date: Don't be concerned by the 2012 "last import date." To protect the integrity of our information, we do not upload gedcoms submitted by members. All information is carefully verified and entered individually by our genealogist as it is received. The 2012 date refers only to when we did a major system overhaul and transferred our own information to the new site. Changes to our database take place every few days.

Random Photos on Home Page

We have placed a link to our collection of photos on the home page for you to enjoy. These photos will appear randomly each time you open that page. If you would like to see them more quickly, hit the "go" button next to the search bar in your browser and the photo will change. Click on the photo to see a larger version of it and to read more information about the subject. Want to have your ancestor included? We would like to get one photograph for as many of the people in our database as possible. If you have a good photograph of one or more of your ancestors, click the "contact us" tab, attach the photos and send them along in .jpg form. Please do not send photos of living people as they will be visible only to website administrators.


Once you've located an individual in the database you'd like to return to quickly next time you log on, create a Bookmark to that individual (red menu to the left). e.g. William Towne, if you often want to start with him. Whenever you log on, you can easily jump to his page by selecting Bookmarks on the menu. Set up as many as you like!

Rebecca Nurse Homestead in Danvers, MA: TFA Reunion 2007
Photography courtesy of Stablegirl Cindy