We would love to have you join us in Topsfield this year! Membership is not required to attend our reunions. Click here for hotel information and registration form.

Click here for hotel information and registration form.

Additional information will be posted here as soon as it becomes available.

Unable to come to the East coast this summer? Consider attending the 2nd Annual NW Regional Reunion hosted by Virginia Towne at the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, WA on July 19th. See where TFA will be meeting for our annual reunion in 2015! A business meeting will in held in the lovely Lodge with Northwest accents and gift store. Dinner will be at the reasonably priced four star onsite restaurant. The recreational time will be focused on genealogy and visiting with our cousins. We have a newly revised agenda which you will find below! Meet me at the Heathman Lodge at 10:00 a.m.for meet and greet. Check the June 2014 newsletter for directions. Please send your acceptance to me, Virginia Towne at 3700 14th Street, Unit 43, Olympia, Washington or email me at tfapres@gmail.com


Be sure to note new gathering time!

10:00 Meet at the Heathman Lodge,7801 NE Greenwood Drive,Vancouver WA.

11:00 Clark County Historical Museum, 1511 Main Street Vancouver, WA

12:00-12:45 Lunch Downtown

1:00-4:00 Presentation & Reunion Planning Meeting

Vancouver Public Library 901 C Street
Vancouver, WA.

Genealogical Forum of Oregon-Admin. Duane Funk http://www.gfo.org/

NW Reunion for next year-Virginia & John

1-Minutes of last meeting
2-Where to meet |Date
3-Nominations for Chair NW Reunion/Vote

Reunion planning for National-Virginia & John

2-Tour-Finalize |Transportation
3-To Do list

4:30 Dinner at the Heathman Lodge

After dinner There is a Fire in the Park- Firefighter Competition at Esther Short Park-Free admission-It is a day of fun with a firefighter challenge, pipe and drum bands, chili cookoff, live music, kids events, great food and a beer garden.

Scroll down to read about last year's gathering in Vancouver, WA, as well as the mini-reunion held last year in Colorado.

Interested in getting together with people from your area? Contact Karen Johnsen, who will get you started! admin@townefolk.com

If you would like to see some great photos of our last reunion in the Salem/Topsfield/Danvers area in 2007, follow this link to an album provided by Dan McGrath... TFA Reunion in Salem 2007 compliments of Dan McGrath, Jr.

Interested to see where previous TFA meetings and reunions have been held? Our genealogist, Gail Garda, has compiled them for you:

1981-2014 Reunions

33rd Towne Family Association Reunion and Annual Meeting October 11-14, 2013 Beaufort, South Carolina

Our 33rd reunion is now a memory. We spent four days immersed in Laura Towne's world having a wonderful time learining about Beaufort in her time. A full accounting may be found in the December issue of About Towne

Farewell Dinner at 11th Street Dockside Restaurant
Photography courtesy of Tom Johnson

Penn Center
Photography courtesy of Elizabeth Hanahan

Aunt Pearlie Sue, Gullah Storyteller

Evelene Stevenson, our tour guide and entertainer at the banquet
Photography courtesy of Tom Johnson

Regional Meetings
Pictured L-R: Dan Fuller, Debbie Towne Atchley, Tom Allen, Riley Atchley, Terri Lambing,
Anne MacDonald, Mike MacDonald
Photography courtesy of Jeff Atchley

TFA members in the surrounding states (MO, AR, KY, AL, TN, MS)have been trying to get together about every six months in the Tennessee Genealogical Society's room at the Regional History and Genealogy Center in Germantown TN. We meet at 10AM and finish by 3PM on a Saturday. Love to hear from any of our new folks too.

Keep posted for information about the next gathering.

For more information, contact:

Debbie Towne Atchley
email debatchley@gmail.com

TFA Mini-Reunion in Colorado May 18, 2013

It all started with a map. I found it among my collection of documents while at the TFA reunion in England. The map showed the number of TFA members who resided in each state; in Colorado there are nine members. By the time I got home from England, I had made up my mind to contact each family suggesting a reunion I selected a date and contacted a restaurant in a central location.

On the big day five families met around a cluster of tables in a quiet section of the restaurant in downtown Littleton, Colorado. There we shared our lineage from William. It happened that all five families descended from William's son, Jacob. Four of the families descended from Jacob's son, John. And two families have a common ancestor six generations from William. I had personally hoped to find commonality more recent in William's descendants primarily to see if I could pin down where my one DNA mutation of 67 markers occurred.

I was impressed with the Towne family genealogical knowledge that the attendees had. One lady had a copy of Edwin E. Towne's book that was literally filled with notations of additional and corrected data jotted in the blank areas on almost each and every page. In summary, I think everyone had a good time, gained some knowledge of their “cousins” and we all agreed to do it again next year.

Charles (Chuck) Towne
Littleton, Colorado

Northwest Regional Meeting July 20, 2013

On July 20, 2013 eleven members met in Vancouver, Washington for the first annual Northwest Regional Meeting of the TFA. Members met in the lobby of the Red Lion Hotel and spent the first hour introducing themselves and visiting. An apology was offered as the agenda had been changed due to budget cuts to the National Park Service. Topics in-cluded life histories and getting into the study of genealogy. (1 Rebecca/Mary, 3 Edmund, and 7 Jacob descendants were in attendance.)

At 3p.m., the party moved to the Fort Vancouver Visitor's center where a video was seen on the history of the area. The party also explored the various books on history and nature, as well as curious arti-facts that are offered for sale.

We then moved on to the recreated Fort Vancouver from the Hudson Bay fur trading era when the British ruled what is now Washington State. There we saw the factor's house where Dr. John McLoughlin lived and worked. Dr. McLoughlin settled at Vancouver in 1825 and built the fort as a fur trading post. Volunteers and National Park Rangers have worked hard to recreate the fort as it would have appeared to the first American settlers when they arrived after the torturous journey across the continent. Here they found furniture and china from Europe plus educated people, men and women, living in style. Gardens and orchards have been replanted to show the variety of food that had been available at the fort.

We had a good visit in the blacksmith's shop with a gentleman volunteer explaining much of the history of the fort. We also had a visit to the doctor's office/hospital/pharmacy. The fort, being so far away from European society, had to be prepared for anything.

After dinner at the Grant House on officer's row, we returned to the Red Lion for the meeting. It was decided that we do want to offer our area to the TFA for the 2015 Annual Reunion; John Russell will be the chairman of the NW contingent and Virginia Towne will propose the meeting at the 2013 TFA Reunion in South Carolina.

We will also have a 2nd Annual Northwest Regional, although all the details were not ironed out. Members in the Northwest can expect to meet next July. Please let Virginia Towne or John Russell know soon if there are suggestions for the next Northwest Regional Reunion. Other announcements were made and the day came to an end with picture taking in the lobby of the hotel.

Photograhs of the meeting may be found in the September 2013 issue of About Towne

Our Trip to England!!!

Our tour of ancestral sites in England and our 32nd annual meeting which was held September 9th,2012 in St. Nicholas Parish Church where William and Joanna Towne were married and six of their eight children were baptized is now a wonderful memory. If you were not able to join us, or just want to relive our experience, you may click below to read the detailed itinerary we followed thanks to Charles Farrow. As detailed as it is, however, it does not include all of the wonderful surprise teas provided to us in many of the churches we visited. Thanks to the meticulous planning by both Charles and Karen Johnsen, the trip came in under budget, so people were actually able to receive refunds which was a welcome surprise. If you missed the December 2012 issue of About Towne which included stories and photos from our trip, members may read it in the newsletter archives.

Click learn more about our trip to England!

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